Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boston Fans Are Lethal

Everyone outside of Boston joked about the credibility of Paul Pierce's Game 1 injury. Pierce was escorted off the court by teammates and then on a wheelchair to the training room. Of course Pierce came back within minutes and saved Game 1 for the Celtics.
No one received more criticism from Boston fan more than LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke. Plaschke wrote an article questioning Pierce's injury and refering it to "fake and shake."

His email box was soon flooded with more hate mail than Jay Mariotti's. Boston fans wrote death threats to Plaschke's family and said "I hope you get cancer and die."

Whoa! Easy now Boston fan.

Pierce didn't overreact, his team and coaches did. Carting him off in a wheelchair and then putting a hand in the camera's face. Now of course everyone in Boston will forever compare this to Willis Reed, Kirk Gibson and Rocky Balboa.

Jerry Stackhouse was on "The Jim Rome Show" yesterday and Rome asked Stackhouse about Pierce's injury. Stackhouse replied with, "Well he's from Hollywood."

Read Plaschke's hate mail article. It's pretty good and it shows you how lethal and passionated Boston fans are when it comes to their home team.

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