Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dart Etiquette

We've all played a game of darts at our favorite local pub. Whether it was cricket or 301, we play to pass the time while nonchalantly forgetting just how many beers we've gulped down.

Every Thursday night, a group of guys play cricket religiously at one of my local watering holes. These are the type of guys who carry around their very own polished darts, blanketed in nice steel cases. Some even with their initials engraved on the case. The other night they happened to be short one guy and asked me if I'd like to join in. Since the Lakers had just dismantled the Spurs, I thought what the heck.

Knowing these guys were all pros, I did inform them the fact that I can count on one hand the number of times I've participated in the game throughout the last year. So of course we each took one throw for teams. And of course I was farthest away from the bull, to which the rest of the guys enjoyed a good laugh.

We all know the rules of cricket; close out 15-20 by hitting each number 3 times and then proceeding to do the same on the bull. If one team has a certain number closed out, they score points until the opposing team also has the same number closed.

Moving on. The first game, my partner and I were on fire! We kicked our opponents asses! Of course everyone thought I was lucky, and I probably was.

The second game was a little more interesting. Along the way, I learned something called "dark etiquette." Like many of you, I never knew such a term existed. If ever such a term, I would think it would have something to do with making sure your team mates drink was constantly filled. Or maybe pointing out whenever a hot chick passed by. My team had 19 closed out while our opponents still had it open. My turn was up. I attempted to shoot for the 17 knowing that if I was off a bit I had a reasonable chance to land a 19 or 15. And that's basically what happened. Except I hit two triple 19's!

Wow! 114 points! Pretty Sweet, huh? Apparently not. The other team regarded this play as showboating and running up the score and then informed me that I did play with proper "dark etiquette." What the fuck! Are you kidding me? Sorry, since I knew my partner would take care of 18 (which he did), I went for my strongest shot.

Needless to say, we kicked their ass yet again! The other guys told me if I kept it up, I wouldn't be as happy when they run up the score on me. They were almost making me feel bad for winning!

We played a third game, which they finally won, just barely. We then moved on to a fourth game, this time for money. We each chipped in five bucks. Big deal.

The fourth game went much like the 2nd, except I really tried running up the score. And boy did I! The hardest part was trying not to laugh my ass off when I would turn around and see their pist off, Kobe Bryant not getting the foul look on their faces.

Won the fourth and final game with no problem. Except I wasn't allowed to play anymore.

So there you go. Next time you find yourself in a heated battle of cricket, know your "dart etiquette." Which I concluded means basically not playing to win.

What bullshit!

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