Thursday, June 12, 2008

NBA Finals Game 4: Choke Job City!!!


This series is over. Crown the Celtics. Get those rings fitted.

The Los Angeles Lakers blew a 24 point first half lead.
They were up 18 at half and 20 points at one time in third quarter. The Lakers blew the biggest lead after half in NBA Finals history during the shot clock era.

The Lakers scored 35 points in the first quarter alone. They scored 33 in the entire second half!

Yeah, the Celtics defense was tough.
But LA choked this one away. The Lakers had an 18 point lead at half, all this while Kobe Bryant did not have one field goal!

The Lakers looked too relax and careless in the third quarter. Then they looked nervous. The whole series they tend to take dumb and careless shots, shooting the ball just inside the 3 point line. That's not a high percentage shot, and if you make it, it's not a 3.

Talk about closing out quarters, Boston closed out the third quarter on a 21-3 run!

The reemergence of Ray Allen as an All Star again has been the biggest shot in the arm for Boston. Allen scored 19 points and pulled down 9 boards! while playing the entire game!

Let's face it. Boston wants it so much more. Other than Bryant, the Lakers have no heart, no kill mentality.

If anyone should know about blowing a 24 point lead, it should be the Lakers. They nearly came back from 24 down with less than 8 to play in Game 2 at Boston.

LA went away from everything that made them so dominant in the first half. The Lakers had really been missing Lamar Odom the first 3 games, he came out in Game 4 attacking the basket, opening up the Lakers' offense. Odom had 15 points in the first half, 7-7 from the field. Odom had 4 points in the second half.

But of course you can't solely blame Odom.

With your best Bill Walton impression, "Where was Lamar Odom in the second half? Where was the entire Lakers' team?"

This type of play is surprising coming from a Phil Jackson coached team. And keep in mind that the Celtics comeback came without Rajon Rondo, without Kendrick Perkins.

Maybe the injuries helped the Celtics. Eddie House has played huge, and he has such a better jump shot than Rondo. The Lakers give Rondo any open jump shot he wants, but with House, you have to defend.

The X factor for Boston, James Posey coming off the bench with 18 points.

No team has ever come back down 3-1 to win the finals. The Lakers need to play the rest of the series one game at a time. But how do you respond in Game 5 after such a dismal performance. You're depressed. Your confidence is shot.

If LA plans to win this series, they need to stage a bigger comeback the next three games then the one Boston pulled off tonight.

Good Luck. Maybe the Lakers win Game 5 at home, but two in a row at Boston?

Hey, we've seen crazier things. And can you really count out a Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant team?

Once again, Kobe Bryant had another great press conference. If you haven't seen this yet, it's definitely worth a look and a good laugh. When did Kobe become so real? A short time ago, he was one of the most hated players in the game. Now, you can't help but root for the Black Mamba.

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