Thursday, May 29, 2008

What The Deuce!

This morning I was watching ESPN and saw on the bottom line that Seattle had beat Boston 1-0. My first question, who were the starting pitchers? And who on the Mariners had shut out one of the best lineups in baseball?

Don't know because the final score was immediately followed by: M. Ramirez 1-3, 499 career homeruns. No shit Manny didn't homer last night! The Red Sox didn't score a run!

Since when does a players attempt for 500 home runs warrant their own bottom line?

How come ESPN's bottom line doesn't inform us that Ken Griffey Jr. has 598 home runs? The last I checked, 600 home runs is more impressive than 500.

By the way, Erik Bedard showed signs of his old self and the reason why Seattle paid so much for him by pitching 7 scoreless innings allowing only two hits.
Off and on again Tim Wakefield had his knuckleball motionless pitching 8 strong innings allowing 1 run and 5 hits in the losing cause.

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