Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tree Links

Need a good laugh? Of course you do. It's always hilarious to hear someone drop the F-Bomb on live TV. Here's WNBC's Sue Simmons at her best. Warning: Careful where you play this video, not at work or around children.

Blender Magazine names it's 50 worse songs of all time.

Maxim Magazine lists the most inappropriate named sports teams.

Another one that's always a great topic for conversation: The Love of Sports makes an attempt to rank The Best Sports Movie Quotes of all time. CaddyShack and Major League just might be the best comedies ever written. Quotes from these two classics will last forever. Be sure to check all the user comments.

Thinking of taking a vacation? You might want to think twice if you plan on booking a flight with Jet Blue.

Sports Illustrated has always been known for it's great photo galleries. This one focuses on Baseball's All Scandal Team.

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