Monday, May 19, 2008

Look Ma! No Tats!

OK. So Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets' improbable ride ended tonight against the defending champion, always getting the cheap call, San Antonio Spurs.

As you all know, I love CP3! But there's one other thing I wanted to point to you and David Stern. Did you ever notice the lack of tatoos on Chris Paul?

Probably because he has no visible ink.

This might come as a shock (especially in the 21st century) and maybe a big reason why CP3 wasn't as popular coming into the Playoffs.

Not only does Paul not have ink all over his body, he doesn't have cornrows, doesn't wear a headband, doesn't wear the arm sleave, knee brace or the full cover leg tights and somehow manages to keep his jersey tucked in the entire game. No fashion show here.

On the court, you would think this guy would stick out more than Lebron James's lack of support.

CP3 doesn't sport any ink representing any of his dead homies, his baby's momma, his momma's baby, the complete novel of War and Peace on his arm, etc.

The only accesories CP3 shows is his Lance Armstrong like "Live Strong" wrist bands.

Wierd, huh?

If ever the NBA was really trying to clean up its' image and looking for a new marketing player, hey David Stern! Look no further.

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Johnny Utah said...

great stuff tree. i agree completely on the Boston love affair in Bristol. i never noticed CP's lack of ink, but i appreciate it now.