Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joba In The Starting Rotation

At first, I wasn't for idea of moving Joba Chamberlain into the starting rotation. Joba has been so dominant in the set up role for Mariano Rivera.

But why have one of the games premiere pitchers appear in maybe 3 or 4 innings a week?

Joba's always been a starting pitcher, a very effective one too.

Joba will give a huge boost to the Yankees starting rotation. The new setup man would most likely be Edwar Ramirez who has looked great so far, 14 innings, 15 K's and a 0.00 ERA.

Also, looking at next year, Mussina and Pettitte will more than likely be gone. So then you have Chien-Ming Wang, Joba, Darrell Rasner (3-1, 1.80 ERA), Phil Hughes and very much in doubt Ian Kennedy has your starting five.

With Moose, Pettite and Giambi gone, those departures clear up a huge chunk of the payroll so you can be sure the Yankees will be shopping for another All Star pitcher.

You can definitely expect to see the Yankees back at the top of division soon.

New York has a very favorable June schedule. A 4 game series at home against Kansas City. Then their interleague schedule consists of 3 games at Houston, a 6 game homestand with against San Diego (a whale's vagina) and Cincinnati, 3 at Pittsburgh, followed by another Subway Series with the Mets, including a Saturday double header between Yankee Stadium and Shea.

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