Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yankee Stadium Sold Out, But Not Selling Out

What happens when you put the most expensive stadium in MLB in one of the poorest neighborhoods in America?

Well, you're not going to sell out the place. I said before that the new Yankee Stadium would keep out the true fans and neighborhood employees who were able to find work and entertainment in their backyards.

Watching the opening series versus Cleveland, you couldn't help but notice the empty seats behind homeplate. What you did see was those empty seats look nice and comfortable and the vendors all look upper class, something you never saw in the old stadium.

That's not the way to enjoy a day at the old ballpark. Give me the Hot Dog/Beer vendor echoing throughout the stadium. Give me the smell of fresh cut grass and dried up beer as you walk through the tunnel.

Even longtime "Yankee Mascot" Freddy "Sez" Schuman, a fixture at Yankees' games since 1988, has found trouble getting into the new stadium.

So unless your name is Daddy Warbucks, myself, like true Yankees' fans, will rarely get the opportunity to enjoy the new Yankee Stadium unlike the old one where so many called their second home.

Now, the new Yankee Stadium is nothing but a tourist attraction, an amusement park. Yes, it may be a Gothic cathedral, but for now it is known as "the House That Greed Built."


Anonymous said...

I call BS

Look at this photo from above, during the first pitch


notorious DEK said...

I heard the stadium has a wind tunnel that is going to drive HR numbers thru the roof... they have already more than any other 1st year stadium...

Anonymous said...

You are a dip shit anonymous. Listen to the radio (Colin Cowherd or Mike and Mike etc.). They cannot sell the expensive seats and to top it off they have over 1000 seats with obstructed views. LMAO at the Yankees. Stadium = FAIL