Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celtics Show Their Championship Form In Rout

And so that happened.

Coming into Game 3 at the United Center, everyone and their baby's momma were picking the Bulls to win. But it was the Celtics and their experience dominating the Bulls and exploiting their youth.

The Game was just too big for the Bulls. Going into the game, there was far more pressure on Chicago.

Boston was up double digits right away, taking the home crowd out of the game. They were up 59-37 at half. The game was over.

The Celtics' defense showed up tonight also. They forced 22 Chicago turnovers, winning easily, 107-86 and taking a 2-1 series advantage.

I've said before, even with Garnett out, you can give great consideration to Boston as the second best team in the East. Really, the Celtics should be leading this series 3-0.

And you knew it was finally time for Paul Pierce to show up this series. Pierce scored early and often scoring 24 on 9-15 while playing only 24 minutes.

Rajon Rondo? This guy is the glue for the Celtics. He actually might be the MVP for the Garnettless Celtics. Rondo had 20 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. But he was last seen be carried off through the tunnel, possible aggravating his ankle.

You know everything was going Boston's way when even Stephon Marbury is able to come off the bench and put in 13 points and 5 assists.

As for the Bulls. Coming off his playoff high of 42, Ben Gordon only scored 15 tonight. And Derrick Rose was held in check with 9 points and two assists as Chicago was abruptly brought back to earth.

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