Saturday, July 19, 2008

What The Deuce?...Again

No smoking...Unless it's a joint.

We all know Amsterdam is notorious for being able to purchase legal marijuana and smoke in their coffee shops.

I know, pretty freakin sweet!

But just recently, Amsterdam has followed the rest of the world and outlawed smoking in bars, restaurants, AND Coffee Shops! Don't panic! It's still alright to smoke weed in the lucrative coffee shops, but not tobacco.

Whoa, man.

Let's see...You can smoke weed and get high as fuck in my establishment, but if you light up a cigarette, you're gone!

I have no problem with this. In the US, it has become common to see crowds of people outside in front of bars smoking cigarettes. The idea of this law was started to protect guests and employees from second hand smoke.

I guess this throws out the old urban legend that smoking one joint is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes.

So good for you Amsterdam. Way to stick to your guns. There's nothing wrong with having to step outside to smoke tobacco, just as long as you still have a safe and legal place indoors to relax and smoke some high quality THC.

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