Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye JT, Thanks For The Memories

It broke my heart hearing the news last Sunday night that Jason Taylor had been officially traded. It was even harder to swallow at the sight of JT in a uniform other than the Aqua and Orange.

The good news, the Dolphins and Bill Parcells held out long enough and received more than expected for the rights of Taylor.

I still find it hard to believe the talent of JT warrants only two draft picks, a second and sixth round choice.

Yeah, he might be getting up there in age, but this is the reigning NFL Man of the Year and just two years removed from the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

The rebuilding process in South Beach is in full swing. But right now, you have to wonder about Parcell's approval rating in Miami. So far in his brief tenure, the Dolphins have said goodbye to fan and community favorites Zach Thomas and now Taylor. Both had spent their entire careers in Miami.

Time will tell if any of these moves will pay off. A defense anchored by Taylor and Thomas always gave Miami a chance for 8-9 wins. Last year, Miami lost 6 games by 3 points or fewer. And let's not forget Taylor single handily beat the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in 2006 when the Bears were undefeated.

But a total team renovation is inevitable coming off a 1-15 season. Miami will have plenty of draft picks in the next couple of years, so for Dolphans, we'll have to wait until 2010 for any excitement.

So away with Taylor and away with the impending media circus which would surround Dolphins' camp. Also, many believe Taylor quit on the team midway through last season. So even if Taylor were to suit up as a Dolphin, his heart and play would would be questioned all year.

Taylor was the last member of the team drafted by Jimmy Johnson.

Now, SS Yeremiah Bell (yikes!) serves as the longest tenured Phin originally drafted by Miami.

The 2008 Dolphins will be made up of mostly no names with nothing to lose. A dangerous combination for any opposing team in the NFL. The players Miami will market will probably be RB Ronnie Brown, O-linemen Vernon Carey and 1st overall pick Jake Long, and LB's Joey Porter and Channing Crowder.

Miami's biggest need has been at QB. This hasn't changed since a certain No. 13 retired. Look for either Jon Beck or Chad Henne to be the starter. More than likely it will Beck since Henne's a rookie, but I'm sure Henne will be named the starter midway through the season.

Here's Jon Beck's career stats at pass friendly BYU.

I've pretty much given up on Josh McCown. It's a safe bet Parcells won't deal with hacksaw injuries either.

Miami fans are hoping Michigan Alum Henne will perform similar to fellow Alum Tom Brady. OK, that's not gonna happen, we can dream, can't we. At least we can hope Henne doesn't stoop to the playing level of Elvis Grbac or Brian Griese.

So far into the rebuilding process, the Dolphins have looked to solidify their offensive line which has always been the key to any NFL team's success.

Just like any Parcell's team, Miami will be a run first offense and focus on protecting the Quarterback.

If Ronnie Brown stays healthy, Miami could pose a potent ground attack.

Like I said, the 2008 Miami Dolphins have nothing to lose and can't be any worse than last year's team.

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