Sunday, July 20, 2008

M-TRI "Elephants"

I have to give a mad shout out to boy Max Triolo, aka M-TRI. He's a mad DJ, Producer, rapper, comedian, hell, you name it, straight outta Brooklyn.

For everyone who thought OG Rap was dead, you gotta check out his new video, "Elephants." This video is from his new album "Max Talkin' Real Ism" scheduled to be released this fall.

This is real, original rap straight from the birthplace of Hip Hop.

According to M-TRI, "Elephants" has been getting nice responses and spins on underground Hip Hop radio stations in NYC, Jersey and Canada.

I met M-TRI during my time in NYC. He's one of my best friends in NYC and is one helluva an entertainer.

He also showed me the art of true street graffiti.

Try not to act too surprised he's white.

For upcoming shows, events and music, check out his Myspace.

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