Tuesday, August 4, 2009

News And Notes

Geez! Enough of Plax, Favre, TO, etc. The whole flatulent story is pretty funny though.

Jeremy Maclin signed a 5 year deal with the Eagles. What does this signify? We should be able to tell if Chase Daniel made Maclin or vice versa. If it's the latter, the Philadelphia Eagles could be in for another solid year. This could even be one of the more talented offenses Donavon McNabb has been around. He'll have two young stud receivers in Maclin and Desean Jackson. And if Brian Westbrook's ankle can hold up, look out for Philly.

Cincinnati pitcher Edinson Volquez is out for the year and will need Tommy John surgery. Ouch. You never want to see a young dominant pitcher go down like that. Reportedly Volquez will be out for 12 months, so we might not see him at all next season. I'm sure a trip to Alabama and Dr. James Andrews is in his near future. If Dr. James Andrews is so great, how come when his name is mentioned it's never a good thing?

Remember the Texas Rangers traded Volquez to the Reds for Josh Hamilton.

One of the biggest surprises of the MLB season has to be the San Francisco Giants. Currently at 58-48, the Giants are 1/2 back of the Wild Card behind division rival Colorado. This time last year, the Giants were 47-64. They even made a move on this year's trade deadline by acquiring Freddy Sanchez from Pittsburgh's fire sale.

Sanchez had been a solid hitter with the Pirates, even winning a batting title. Now, he finally gets to experience playing meaningful baseball in September, and August for that matter.

The reason for San Fran's resurgence is the pitching staff. Tim Lincecum might go back to back for the Cy Young. And chances are, he'll win a bunch in his career.

Lincecum and fellow starter Matt Cain are 2 and 3 overall for ERA in the National League. Lincecum's ERA is 2.18 and Cain's is 2.25. Pretty solid.

Now imagine if Randy Johnson wasn't on the DL and Barry Zito was owning up to at least half of the $18.5 million annual salary?

At one time, Kansas City's Zack Greinke was 8-1 and the biggest story of the year. After last night's loss, Greinke is now 10-7 but still has the AL's lowest ERA at 2.36.

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