Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Am I Doing Up?

It's tough to go 2-2. We were treated to another classic Boston comeback in the first game last night. And the second game, the Rockets/Lakers is still going on with the Lakers up like a gazillion points.

The Celtics won Game 5 last night in typical Boston fashion. They were weak for more than 3/4ths the game but did just enough to hang around and the Orlando went flat.

The Champs looked left for dead with Orlando up double digits in the fourth quarter. But the Magic are a "live by the 3, die by the 3" team. When it came down to it, Orlando could not hit a jumpshot. They had terrible possessions down the stretch, couldn't run an offense.

And what a coming out party for "Big Baby." After sinking the winning shot, yeah the same one that changed this series, for an encore, Glen Davis scores 22, including 2 big buckets towards the end and nailing two big shots at the line. Did somebody say Kevin Garnett?

There was also a Stephon Marbuy sighting. Marbury couldn't have showed up at a better time for the Celtics, sparking them with 12 crucial points off the bench.

Has Brian Scalabrine ever got more face time? If you don't watch a Celtics game, he looks like Jackie Moon.

A controversial call near the end of the game when the officials overturned a shot clock violation because they said the ball grazed the rim. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, Orlando still wasn't gonna make a shot.

And what was "Master of Panic" Steve Van Gundy thinking having Dwight Howard intentionally miss the second free throw? Howard made the first, cutting the game 2 points. Considering his free throw shooting, he was more than likely gonna miss the second. But hey, if he makes it, than that puts the pressure on Boston to sink both of theirs and you still have a chance to tie the game.

Bad showing by Van Gundy, not showing confidence in his players.

Boston teams just seem to hang around. Orlando could have, and should have won Game 4. The Magic should have won this game. Now, the Magic are on the brink of elimination with a possible Game 7 back in Beantown.

I said the Celtics are the second best team in the East without Garnett. So it's no big surprise how Boston will win this series. I think they could even win one game against Cleveland.

God I hope so...Because along with the Celtics' win, the Bruins stayed alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Red Sox came from behind to beat the Angels.

As for the Rockets/Lakers? This was the type of game we expected to see in Game 4. You have to wonder, how does one team play so great and then come out and look horrendous?

The Lakers were smart early and took advantage of the size mismatch. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol can easily have their way down low. This game was over by the end of the first quarter. The only reason to continue watching was to see if Ron Artest would explode.

But, it's just one win. The Lakers are only up 3-2. And now have to travel to Houston to play another game. If the Lakers lose this game and have to play 7, anything is possible. No matter how bad the Lakers won tonight, it still looks bad that they have to play at least 6 against the Rockets. They were going 6 with Houston when they had Yao, but with Yao out and that no show in Game 4, the Lakers do not look like champions.

They just don't have that killer instinct. And I really think they're in trouble against Denver. Hold off a little bit for that Kobe/Lebron Finals.

Oh, Ryan Zimmerman went 2-5 last night to extend his hitting streak to 30 games. That's something Nats' fans can get excited about.

Roy "I own the Yankees, not the Steinbrenners'" Halladay is now 16-5 against the Yankees. The Blue Jays have the AL's best record at 21-12 and are 6 1/2 up on the Yankees.

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