Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol? My Vote Goes To Katrina

I'll admit, I occasionally watch American Idol. When I say occasionally, I mean the first months of the audition rounds. You never know what to expect. And this season was no exception.

After the auditions and when they get to the final 12, it doesn't really matter. Some no name wins and we usually never hear from them again, the exception obviously is Carrie Underwood. And Kelly Clarkson? Well, we just hear too much of her.

The AI Finale is pretty good. It's usually loaded with star performances like last night with KISS, Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.

I was busy watching the Magic/Cavs when my girlfriend, God bless her heart, yelled out me that the Bikini Girl was coming on the Finale. What?! Like Lebron, I had to witness.

And much to Ryan Seacrest's delight, there was the Bikini Girl, sporting her bikini and that's pretty much it, coming out on stage to receive some award. Credit Seacrest with asking her, "What's new?", when it was quite obvious to followers of the show.

It only got better as the Bikini Girl, she does have a name-Katrina Darrell, sang on stage in front of millions with no regard. Simon and Randy always put her through to the next round, but Paula and new judge Kara Dioguardi couldn't stand her presence.

Kara was really intimidated by Miss Darrell as Darrell criticized Kara's singing. But anyways, while Katrina was singing, the curtain behind rose up and Kara came out singing and then flashed the audience.

You can either say Kara was a good sport or chalk another one up for the Bikini Girl, but this makes great TV. And oh, we can all see now why Kara was so jealous.

Idol's ratings have been down this year, and I've said all season that the producers really screwed up not allowing this girl in the top 20. The funny thing is, no matter how hot this girl is, she actually had a really good voice. Her personality alone would make for great reality TV.

This girl may come across as a ditz, but she's smart. That's the best thing she could have done. She's gotten national exposure and now I bet she gets booked local gigs in Socal and probably has her own bikini line out. I'm sure this girl will have a great career. She put herself on the map and I'm sure Maxim, Playboy, etc are already knocking on her door. Hell, myself included.

More pix and video of Miss Katrina Darrell here.

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