Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rickey Be Rickey

See Rickey run. See Rickey hit. See Rickey be Rickey on his way to the Hall of Fame!

Rickey Henderson is one of my all time favorite baseball players. And how can you not love him? Henderson is one of the most interesting and eccentric players ever to play the game, both physically and mentally.

Let's look at Rickey's historic career.

Rickey played 25 seasons for 9 different teams.

Rickey is the all time leader in stolen bases with 1,406.

Rickey is the all time leader in runs scored with 2,295.

Rickey is the all time leader with 81 lead off Homeruns.

Rickey was the 1990 AL MVP.

Rickey was a 10 time All Star.

Rickey is second all time in Base on Balls with 2,190.

Rickey is a 12 time stolen base champion.

Rickey is part of the 3,000 hit club with 3,055 career hits. (21st all time)

Rickey holds the single season stolen base record with 130 steals in 1982.

Rickey has two World Series rings. 1989 with the A's. 1993 with the Blue Jays.

Rickey says that he posted all these incredible stats in the pre-steroid era.

One of my favorite Rickey stories ever was toward the end of his career he reached first base. The first baseman was John Olerud. Rickey started up a conversation with Olerud telling him, "I like that helmet you wear. I used to play with a first baseman who wore a helmet while he played first base." Little did Rickey know that his former teammate he was talking about was the same John Olerud when the two were together with the Mets.

That's Rickey in a nutshell.

Although he had a few productive seasons with the Yankees, I'm sure Rickey will go into the Hall of Fame as an Oakland A.

Rickey may not even be done playing baseball. Knowing Rickey, he probably wants to be the first Hall of Famer ever to come out of retirement and play MLB.

Congrats Rickey!

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