Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barry O's World!

Yesterday brought great excitement and cheer around the country. For once I am confident in the country's President.

Barack Obama brings hope and change to the U.S.A. He is young and energetic and can relate to the common folk.

Obama has already united the country more than ever.

Obama is very courageous. Who in their right mind would want to take that job. He acknowledge the mess our country is in, basically saying 8 years of Bush was a total disaster. And Obama seems pumped to get started and you can feel his confidence in the uphill task at hand.

Yesterday was also the biggest day in American History for my generation. Yeah, there have been many other historic events we have lived through, put this one of the few positive moments we have witnessed. Other important dates in our lives have always been negative and somber-shootings in the classroom, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, etc.

I couldn't but get chills listening to Obama's speech. And the scene in Washington was unbelievable.

Today I can officially say more than ever that I am proud to be an American and I looked forward to 8 years of President Barack Obama.

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