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Tweets of the Week 5/27/2010

It was the week of Lost. After six spectacular seasons, Sunday night we said goodbye to some old lost friends. In a way, I feel like we all got a little bit "played" by the show. We knew in the first season that they had to have died in the plane crash. I mean you're trying to tell me that for six years there was; this magical island, people could time travel, there was a smoke monster, a paralyzed guy could all of the sudden walk, a heroin addict comes upon a crashed plane filled with...heroin, and an obese guy couldn't lose weight while stranded on an island. Really! That fantasy land doesn't exist?

Next thing you're gonna tell me is that Boston will have two professional sports franchises blow 3-0 series leads in the span of a month.

That goes to show you just how great the writing was for this show. They kept you on edge and always coming back for more.

I'm sure you all tweeted across the tweets, but they're all worth retweeting.


FakeJSterling In honor of tonight's Lost finale: Gehrig, Berra, Munson, Ford, Mattingly, Rivera... Gehrig, Berra, Munson, Ford, Mattingly, Rivera...

9:15 AM May 23rd
(I thought the producers were Red Sox fans?)

Justin_Stangel Saw black smoke around my neighbor's house. Thought he was having a Lost party. Turns out his house was on fire.

8:08 PM May 23rd
(And that plane crash on the front page, a hot set.)

JPosnanski: Lima's Time.
11:31 PM May 23rd via TweetDeck

jimrome Lima cont. And look at the date on the ball.
10:59 PM May 23rd
(RIP Lima Time)

jimmykimmel for definitive (if that is possible) analysis of the #LOST finale, read @EWDocJensen - always preposterously thorough

12:07 AM May 24th
HuskersGameday Nebraska is the winningest college football program over the last 50 years, both by winning percentage + number of wins.
6:58 AM May 24th
(You like apples?)

jennifersterger Here's a shorter link to the Maxim pics for easier retweeting
11:10 AM May 24th
(Just sit there and look good, girl.)

craigcalcaterra HBT Philly operative saw this t-shirt at CBP on Friday: "We have: 84 home games; Roy Halladay; tasers; your signs." #FullOfWin
7:57 AM May 24th
richarddeitsch Scroll down (to 7.3) to see where Lost ranks among all series finales. Fascinating list.
4:37 PM May 24th via web
(List of the most watched series finales. Pretty cool. I can't believe Alf cracked the top 25!)
digg_2000 "And this is what Disney princesses teach women....(pic)" -
3:48 PM May 24th via API
(Since my daughter is so in love with the Disney Princesses, this is great...and true.)
 si_vault SI Vault Photo (1995): Not to say Dennis Rodman was "ahead of his time" weird, but this was the SI cover 15 years ago:
12:48 PM May 24th 
(And you thought Ron Artest was crazy.)

darrenrovell1 Co-worker @mgreco27 just gave me best naming rts sponsor for Meadowlands Stadium: JetBlue. Genius.

9:19 AM May 26th

dbalke suggests new Meadowlands stadium name sponsor could be Green Giant

9:24 AM May 26th
(Couldn't come up with two better names.)

darrenrovell1 Bodog: Over/Under on kickoff temp at NY/NJ Super Bowl is 34.5 degrees. Will it snow? Yes (6/1), No (1/12)
11:14 AM May 26th
(I'm gonna bet the Unders and no snow.)

STATS_MLB Joakim Soria got his 100th career save today. He is third in #Royals history behind Dan Quisenberry (238) & Jeff Montgomery (304). #MLB
3:39 PM May 26th
(Talk about useless trivia. Very surprised the Quiz isn't at the top and Jeff Montgomery had that many saves...closing games for the Royals. Hey, the Royals really were good at one time.)

darrenrovell1 Strasburg card being auctioned on eBay surpasses the $16K mark
4:24 PM May 26th
(A good sign for the Washington Nationals and the future, if any, for baseball cards.)
StephonJohnson8 Best Photo Caption Ever (via @villagevoice) about Sex And The City 2: "Justin Bieber's grandmother and her friends"
7:30 PM May 26th
(God I hate everything about that show.)
netsfreak205 How many people can say they got two saves in a five hour span? Mariano Rivera can. #yanks
8:52 PM May 26th
(He's washed up!)

stevez33 I been there Big Baby many days rolling into the house like that at 3am
9:43 PM May 26th
(Haven't we all, not just last night.)

JimmyTraina A pissed off Hawk is a fun Hawk. RT @BrianDryfhout Here is audio of Hawk Harrelson's Rant At Joe West
9:48 PM May 26th
craigcalcaterra Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. Nicknamed "Curly-Haired Boyfriend" by Carl Everett. RT @petro03 CHB?
9:52 PM May 26th
(When I see one Dan Shaughnessy, I see one Frank Viola.)

GameDayFootball Won't be the case this season!
May 27
(Hey! College Football without Tim TeBow! Whatever will we talk about this Fall?)

richarddeitsch EW this week features 100 greatest characters of last 20 years: The Top 3? 1. Homer Simpson; 2. Harry Potter; 3. Buffy
May 27
(Buffy number 3? Really? I would definitely say Sam Malone in the top 5, but does he still qualify for the last 20 years? Holy shit! It sucks getting old!)

JimmyTraina Suns coach Alvin Gentry pukes -- WHILE ON THE SUNS BENCH:
May 27

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