Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey, A Jimmy Sighting

Oh Jimmy!

Let's not forget Jim Goldstein. You remember him, right. The guy who has made millions in real estate in Los Angeles. But yet, gets front row tickets and dresses like in the same leather clothes year after year.

He always seems to show up come NBA playoff time. I finally got a picture of him sitting about 2 seats down from Phil Jackson at last nights Lakers/Thunder game in Oklahoma City.

From what I've heard, he's a great guy who loves basketball. He must, cause he has season tickets to the Clippers.

But it's always spooky when you noticed the guy lurking in the background of a great NBA Playoff game. I've always said he reminds me of the evil character in the crappy horror movie "Jeepers Creepers." Yeah, I've seen that movie. Fuck, I've even seen the sequel.

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