Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gameday: USC At Oregon

On Saturday, the game of the week was USC at Oregon. Could Oregon break USC's reign as Pac 10 Champions and have the inside track for the Rose Bowl? Well yes, the Ducks won in convincing fashion.

This game proved 2 things. 1. Neither team will play for the National Championship. Although both are far better than Iowa. This Oregon team is for real and might be playing the best football in the country.

2. Oregon's opening game loss to Boise St. only bolsters Boise's BCS resume.

But enough about the game.

Eugene, Oregon is a great college town! If it wasn't for the weather, it might be worth attending. I've been to Eugene 3 times now and I think I saw the sun for a combined total of 45 minutes. No wonder weed is so popular in the Northwest. Well, weed is popular everywhere.

But the best thing about Eugene and the University of Oregon? The cheerleaders/dance team. Incredible! The stories you've heard are all true. Yes, the squad consists of countless hot girls, but what really makes them stand out is there dance moves. The choreography is amazing! It's so great that it makes me wonder if the coaches frequent the local night clubs.

I've been to just about every major college football stadium. I've been on the field for some of the biggest college football games in the past 10 years. The Oregon cheer squad ranks up there with the best. In fact, they might be the best. It's a toss up between Oregon and Texas.

USC has the Song Girls, very rich in respect and tradition. UCLA's girls don't get enough credit because they always seem to be in the shadows of USC. But UCLA is solid when it comes to cheerleaders. The last few years, I think the Texas Longhorns' squad has been the best, because honestly, you can't beat those uniforms with the chaps.

But the Oregon squad is greatly underrated. There must be 50 of them, and they're all smoking, lovable and overall just seem to be up for a great time. I'm sorry Austin, but after last weekend, the Oregon girls get the slight edge. But not by much.

I had a great view from the sideline of Saturday's USC/Oregon at Autzen Stadium. How great was the view? Let's just say it was sometime in the second quarter when I realized there was an actual football game going on, between two top 10 teams nonetheless.

I mean, you the throw the Song Girls and the Oregon Cheer Squad together in the same stadium and who cares about football. But after I picked my jaw up from the ground to take a look back at the screaming crowd, not one person was staring in awe of the real treat for this Halloween. I'm thinking, "What a waste!" Nearly 60,000 crazy college football fans and not one was concerned about where the real action was, the sidelines.

I never thought I'd be a fan of a Mariah Carey song, but that "Obsessed With Me" song, total lap dance song.

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