Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Day That Music Died, Part 2

From the "King of Pop" to "Wacko Jacko," Michael Jackson had two separate lives. Let's face it, the Michael Jackson we all fell in love with died sometime in the late '80's. Jackson ruled the music world basically from 1969 to 1984.

His name will now forever be linked with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. All three performers' music will played till the end of time. But Jackson's music is different. I don't anyone from my generation who owns an Elvis CD. Sinatra was pure classic. With MJ, his music is still played on the radio, bars and clubs, karaoke, wedding receptions, etc, and will be forever. I can guarantee sometime in the next 20 years my daughter will be listening to Michael Jackson and will probably have her own "Thriller" album.

Jackson was another performer who to shot to stardom at a young age only to see their career take a tremendous plunge. Michael's plunge was totally different. His extracurricular activities made him just as popular from his "Neverland Ranch", obsession with young boys, buying the bones of the "elephant man", to dangling one of his kids from a hotel balcony. This was a guy who sold a gazillion records, seemed to have more money than Wal-Mart and yet died greatly in debt.

The day Michael Jackson died will be one of those days when you'll remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. My girlfriend called me just after 5pm and asked if I was watching TV? In this era, when you get that kind of call you immediately think some horrific accident or terrorist attack. How I wasn't watching TV or on the computer is amazing itself. My daughter was watching "Mary Poppins" when I got the call. I shut it off immediately as my girlfriend said, "Michael Jackson died!"

What!? I can't say I was totally shocked or surprised. Considering Jackson's lifestyle, you're kind of surprised he lasted this long. At the same time chills raced through my body and mind. Someone who once owned the world and seemed at times "Invincible" (no pun intended), was mortal. Someone who influenced a whole generation and will influence many more to come, had left this world.

A celebrities death is always something that shocks the world. Yeah, I remember the days Tupac and Ronald Reagan died, but you don't get much bigger than Michael Jackson. You know it's huge when nearly every television station cuts to breaking coverage of Jackson's death. Even more, when every radio station is playing continuous MJ music, when you drive by a bar you can hear Billie Jean pouring out the door, it really hits you knowing that a historic icon has died.

What was great was the fact that MTV and VH-1 played Jackson videos throughout the weekend. I can't think of the last time I watched these two networks but it was outstanding to see MTV and VH-1 actually play videos! Funny cause it was Jackson who made both these stations. Watching his videos was like a trip down memory lane, making you fell like a kid again. His videos are still incredible today as they were 25 years ago. And they still will be in 25 years.

Jackson's career started well before I was born and I was merely 8 years old when he moonwalked across the stage. Honestly, that may have been one of the greatest moments of this era. The next day at school, everyone was trying to moonwalk. No one moved like Michael. No one ever will.

He was an inspiration for so many today and will continue to inspire future musicians. No other person had the type of impact on music and pop culture as Michael Jackson.

There's already jokes about MJ and his death. There's already the conspiracy that he's not really dead, he faked his death because of financial debt. I'm sure Elvis impersonators in Vegas will soon be joined by Michael Jackson.

Now a legend, Michael Jackon's legacy will continue forever and there will never be another quite like him.

RIP King of Pop

My favorite Michael Jackson videos:

Billie Jean


Rock With You

You can never get enough of this one with Naomi Campbell.

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