Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bracketology 101

First 4 in, Last 4 out.

What's it matter. ESPN's Joe Lunardi has been working hard the last 6 weeks on this. Why? What a waste of time. It changes everyday and it doesn't really matter until Selection Sunday.

Lunardi's bracketology is about a big of a waste of time as Mel Kiper/Todd McShay's mock drafts.

First off, there will always be upsets in Conference Tournaments. Teams like Cleveland St. and Northern Iowa win their Conference Tournament and knock bubble teams out.

Lunardi has Pitt, Louisville and UConn as number 1 seeds. Can you say East Coast bias? I thought the selection committee puts a lot of weight on Conference Tournaments. How can both Pitt and UConn be number 1 seeds when they both went one and done and the Big East? Now they say it's better to lose early because the teams get more rest. That's really not fair to every other team who play hard during their tournament.

Oklahoma and Kansas also were one and done. If you go one and done in your Conference Tournament, you don't deserve a number one seed. It also doesn't help a team's confidence when you go limping into the post season, in any sport. Hell, UConn hasn't won a post season game since 2006, the year George Mason beat them to go to the Final Four.

What about Memphis? They're a top 5 team who easily won their tournament.

What makes Joe Lunardi so special? And where does he get his credibility? I can pull names out of a hat and probably guess better than Lunardi.

Currently, Lunardi has USC out. USC will play for the Pac 10 title today. What if USC wins? Then the magnificent Lunardi will have to throw out his 4 in, 4 out.

So like I'm saying, what does it matter right now!

Who's in and who's out? If you're in a major conference and you have 20+ plus wins, you're probably gonna get in the tournament. If you're from a mid major conference, you better when your tournament or have at least 25 wins, see Creighton and maybe Utah St.

So if you pay attention to Lunardi's predictions, you're wasting your time. All that really matters is Sunday night.

My biggest question? What does Joe Lunardi do for the rest of the year?

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