Friday, August 8, 2008

F-A-V-R-E! Favre! Favre! Favre!

I tried to stay away from the whole Brett Favre drama. The story got old real quick. I think I quit watching ESPN for a month. The worse part about the situation, it was sad to see one of the best QB's ever get treated that way.

Yeah, both parties may have been at fault, but how stupid are the Packers? They just went from a highly possible Super Bowl contender to not even the best team in a weak NFC Central.

Poor Aaron Rodgers. Maybe it will work out for Rodgers and the Packers over time, but not this year. Green Bay is looking at an 8-8 year. Maybe pull of 9-7 and flirt with a wild card berth.

But you really have to hand it to the NY Football Jets. They have nowhere to go but up from a 4-12 season. The Jets have their fans excited, they have NYC pumped up, they have a lot of new fans.

People are jumping on the Brett Favre bandwagon like crazy. Favre jerseys are flying off the rack, probably the number 1 selling jersey on the market.

And the Jets have out of nowhere stole the thunder from the defending Super Bowl Champ Giants.

The Ole Gunslinger comes to Broadway! All NYC wants out of Favre; a crazy jump pass, an underhand TD pass while being tackled, a double pump 80 yard Touchdown bomb and maybe throw in a Week 2 victory at home against the New England Patriots. And we all know #4 is capable off all these things.

The happiest person in the world today? Fireman Ed. You know Fireman Ed has his panties in a bunch, if he hasn't keeled over from a heart attack yet.

And have you seen the Jets' schedule. This team can easily go 10-6.

Playing in The Meadowlands, Favre doesn't even have to live in NYC, but you can bet the cameras will follow his every move when he decides to pay a visit. NYC and the media will be down on their knees drooling over Favre.

And if Favre doesn't lead the Jets to the Playoffs? No big deal, as long as Favre provides that spark, energy and excitement he's possessed his entire career.

If they don't go to the Playoffs, the Jets landed a Hall of Fame Quarterback for a third round pick. And if they do go to the Playoffs, a second round pick and the Playoffs.

Favre will have a couple of weapons in Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. Coles has never played with a quality QB, and know the speedy Coles will finally have a QB who has no problem throwing the ball downfield.

As for Cothcery, Favre could give this guy a breakout year. That's if Cotchery is able to handle the bullets fired from Favre's cannon.

In the last few weeks, we've now seen two (Jason Taylor) future Hall of Famers traded away from teams they've spent their entire careers with for nothing more than a second round draft pick.

One thing's for certain, there's no QB controversy in New York or Miami. You can bet the Miami Dolphins will have a washed up Chad Pennington starting for them on opening day.

This is the best QB the Jets have had since Joe Namath. Who else? Ken O'Brien? Boomer Esiason? Vinny Testeverde?

You know the rest of the AFC has made a call to arms and is well aware of the danger Favre brings to the conference. And Wild Card teams like Tennessee, Seattle, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Houston, etc. have a new legitimate threat.

You have to hand it to NYC and their Sports franchises lately. Of course there's always been the star power with the Yankees. The Mets have shelled out top dollar and put together a playoff team in recent years. The NY Football Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champs. Jay-Z is gonna pimp Brooklyn with the Nets, you know Mister Midas Touch will land Lebron and have the franchise winning immediately.

Now if only something can be done with that catastrophe at the Garden, you know, the NY Knicks.

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Mac G said...

This has been one big nightmare